Fridge It and Innofresh, where to buy?

Where to buy Fridge It and Innofresh odor absorbers, air fresheners and odor eliminators?  The entire natural activated charcoal odor absorber product line  is sold online direct, via internet retailers and store retailer. The manufacturer Innofresh has its own buy direct website for Innofresh.   They ship quickly. You can go to their retailers page to get the latest list of online and store retailers.  Retailers such as Checker Auto, Schuck’s, Kragen Auto and Murrays auto carry Innofresh. Sur La Table, Gracious home, Camping word carry Fridge It. 

Fridge It  purple cube and  purple wafer odor absorsbers   and Innofresh odor absorbers use nature’s best odor-adsorbing material – charcoal!  A patented porous process then activates the charcoal enabling it to target and neutralize odors.  Fridge it  and Innofresh odor absorbers are made in the USA at a manufacturing  plant that hires adults with disabilities.

Fridge It and Innofresh provide a more convenient way of odor control without the mess of spills and clean up.  Just place one in your home, fridge, freezer closet, car, RV, boat, gym bag, trash or any area that has an odor for amazing results.  It is non-toxic, fragrance free and comes in cube and wafer shape for hard to reach odor areas.  For a catalog to order via mail or to contact customer service at: or call 602-866-0411. 

It is sold and shipped in the US, and to Canada, England and Australia. You can also buy combo packs and warehouse case lots with Fridge it odor absorbers on the  Shop Innofresh website.

Not only is Fridge It and  Innofresh great for the refrigerator and freezer, it also works well in other relatively small contained areas – closets, pet areas, lockers, gym bags, coolers, near garbage, diaper pails.

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Forever Litter trays add Pet Odor absorbers

Forever litter trays add Pet Odor absorbers

Here is a new litter tray product link that also sings the praises of Innofresh Pet odor absorbers:

Llnk to see the trays:  Forever Litter Tray® (permanent replacement for Scoop Free® disposable cartridges)


Odor Control Tips

Let me begin by giving credit where credit is due. Virtually everything I’ve learned about controlling litter box order was obtained from people sharing information at Litter box Central ( ). My notes here are for the most part simply a condensation from that source.

Here are several factors that contribute to litter box odor — and probably the largest single component is what goes in to your cat. The right cat food can make a huge difference between a miserably stinky environment and one that’s odor free. (Please take a few moments to read the Scoop Free section at Litter box Central for more on this topic).

Choice of Litter

The second biggest variable is in your choice of litter (see Recommended Litter).  After a lot of testing (totally by myself and friends, using our own noses) I’ve come to the conclusion that for the most part, the Fresh Step crystals work the best for me.  I emphasize for me, as some people may have problems with the scent used in this litter, etc.  But generally I’ve found this to be the best choice, with the highest odor-absorbing capability.

Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers

Being the incessantly curious person that I am, I noticed that many of the litter companies have started advertising heavily around activated charcoal in their products. After some searching (and further experimentation), I found a pretty darned amazing product — Innofresh. I spent some time talking with them on the phone to learn more about their odor absorbers to learn as much as I could — but the real proof was when my wife noticed a significant further reduction in odors after I’d had a unit in my Scoop Free for a couple of days.

Now thatwas the critical test.  Pretty impressive.

I keep one stuck under the purple lid. It simply clips to one of the “vanes” that hold the magnet, and lasts about 3 months. I was so impressed I signed on as a product distributor, and now carry them here in a 4 pack for $14.00.  (It doesn’t make sense with shipping and all to just order one).

Here’s the info from Innofresh:

Innofresh™ PET Fragrance Free odor absorbers utilizes our patented activated carbon technology to eliminate odors and is completely fragrance free. No worry about irritating or harmful fragrances for your pets or yourself. Fragrances just cover up odors while Innofresh™ PET odor absorber traps and eliminates those lingering odors from your pets.

Our activated carbon odor absorbers work effectively against those tough litter box odors, as well as in areas where gerbils, pet mice, hermit crabs, ferrets or other small animals are kept. Just clip our odor absorber on to your cat litter box or even outside small animal cages to eliminate odors safely and effectively and without chemicals, gels, powders or sprays. Built in clip securely fastens to most litter boxes, and cages. Don’t settle for litter that claims to control odors. Eliminate them with Innofresh™ Pet activated carbon odor absorbers.

Forever Litter Tray® (permanent replacement for Scoop Free® disposable cartridges)

Odor Absorbers delivered fast to your door.

How do you order odor absorbers by mail and get it delivered fast to your door?   Ordering on line gives you a great way to get your odor problem takes care of.  Some times the web site says it can take up to 2 week to get them, this is not the case. 

It was pointed out to me on how fast the order of odor absorbers got to them.  It came within 2 days not the 2 weeks as the web site said.  They also do not charge for express or expedited shipping.  This is a plus, since when you have an odor problem you cannot wait. 

So when you want to get rid of your odors try Fridge it or Innofresh odor absorbers really works and they get  them delivered to your door really fast.

Air Fresheners, Commerical Air Fresheners and Industrial Odor Eliminators.

Commercial and Industrial Odor Solutions have their own needs in larger  commercial or corporate spaces. Fridge It  does a great job for commercial odor programs with Naturally Activated Charcoal Odor absorbers and  for scented products such as Visor Fresh Air Fresheners.

Innofresh Products, Inc. offers a full range of commercial odor solution products and value-added service programs designed to improve the air quality of food and beverage operations. It is chemical free, non-spill, non-toxic, unscented activated carbon technology is perfect for a variety of odor elimination applications including reach-in and walk-in coolers, display case refrigerated merchandisers and deli cases.

Odor solutions that are ideal for business and industry, hospital, college and hospitality food service as well as restaurants, café’s, snack shops for both front of the house merchandisers as well as back of the house commercial refrigeration units.

Innofresh Products, Inc. can provide you with a customized solution to reduce cross odor contamination and improve your food storage and food display environments. Contact their sales department and ask about our commercial applications. 602-866-0411

Commercial Air Fresheners, Industrial Odor Eliminators, Janitorial Supplies | Innofresh Products Inc..

What works well in getting smells out of Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet

Odors from new cabinets are quite common. Here is a link to another blogger talking about Fridge It odor absorber and how well it works for getting smells out of kitchen cabinets.

Removing Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinets

For Kitchen Cabinet eliminating the odor without fragrances and irritants, here’s an inexpensive and fragrance free product that is FANTASTIC that I’ve used for same problem and know so many other people that use all around too! . It is a product called FRIDGE IT odor absorbers that I think originally made for fridge (makes sense). -little purple cube with an incredible activated carbon filter inside that is great and eliminates odors for a long time. It works so much better than all those sprays, gels and fragrances that just cover up smells and have lots of warning statements on them. Just place one in each kitchen cabinet and forget about it. No spills or chemicals or powder to worry about. Each only costs a couple of dollars. I use this product everywhere – it’s that good and I really recommend it. You can buy it iat  I also think camping world sells it..Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet: Remove Foul Odor from Kitchen Cabinet.

 For info on where to buy contact the manufacturer by email at or order on line and visit their web site at:

Searching for carpet odor solutions

Carpet or rug smells bad?  How do you get rid of carpet and rug odor ? How to get rid of the smell or is it possible to absorb the carpet odors for good.  A good carpet cleaning, is the first thing needed to do.  If that does not take care of the smell then try Fridge it odor absorbers. Yes it  works for carpet and rugs as an odor absorber for carpets.

Odors in the carpet has not to do with the top level cleaning of dirty carpets,  it has to do with dirt and liquids such as urine going down into the carpet fiber, carpet backer and into the padding.

Most carpets that are cleaned get the surface dirt, some steam clean gets the fiber soil, but not much gets the padding clean.  When a carpet is cleaned the moisture wicks down and forces the moisture into the padding layer, then stain and odor stays and the odors returns in short time. 

When you get your carpets cleaned they spray a fragrance into the carpet when they use a cleaning product or place it in the stain resistance spray they add after they finish cleaning.  To some noses this is not a pleasant smell and they describe it as still having an odor.

Determine the type of odor that is in the carpet, if it is a pet stain, then you need to carpet clean all layers and then use a odor absorber to collect the remaining odor and trap it. If it is a musty smell in the carpet or cigarette smell in the rug, then a few odor absorbers should do the job and cleaning is not needed.

General traffic dirt on your carpet, then a cleaning of the carpet is all you will need. Body or foot odor, then an air-freshener or odor absorber in addition to the cleaning is needed.

If the odor is from spilled drink or bottle, like milk or soda.  Spot clean the spot with water, mild soap and lay a paper towel over the spot to wick up the liquids. Then use an odor absorber to gather up the odors and get them trapped at the localized level.  If the odor is from milk or baby formula that is spilled , it needs to be cleaned right away since it will have a sour smell that will grow over time with heat or humidity.

If the odors are from mold or water damaged carpet then professional carpet restoration help help is needed, including removing the pad, replacing carpet and treating the cement.  In that case, once treatment is done, then the sour smell can be controlled with odor absorbers. If it is ground in food, clean the area of the carpet and use an odor absorber to gather the odor up. 

For carpets, I recommend the wafer odor absorber products, like Innofresh odor eliminator, or for bigger areas use Fridge It Charcoal odor cubes.  One to two is needed for each 8′ x 10′ area.  Place them under the couch, or under the coffee table, to be sure they get the odor captured close to the source. Give it 24 hours and you should be smelling odor free