The best way to get rid of fish odor on your to do list?

There is something about Fish odor and if cooked or raw how do you get the fish smells out of your house? Fish odor comes in four different types of odor.  The first is the odor from fresh fish that you bought or have caught that yous store in your refrigerator. The second type of odor is when you fillet the fish and the odor from the cutting board or counter tops.  The third odor is when you have cooked the fish and your house smells like fish for days. The last is you have fish tank odor from an aquarium smell and that causes odor problems.

When you buy fish and store in it your refrigerator, it will have a strong smell. The fresher the fish the smell is less, the older the fish the more odor.  The fish juice is the major odor issue. even with very fresh fish. The older the fish, the more it will smell. 

The best way to get rid of fish odor is by using an activated charcoal odor absorber.   When you have fish in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours, double or triple up on the odor absorbers for the length of time the fish is in the refrigerator. When fish juice drips, the only option is to clean the refrigerator, in addition to the odor absorber. The odor will go away overtime if the fish juice is not cleaned up.

When you are filleting fish, look at the boards you are using. Take notice of the way you dispose of the the trimmed  fish parts, since this all relate to cleaning and odor control. Use a board to cut on with a material that can be washed on hot in your dish washer. be sure to lay paper towels under the board to catch  and contain the fish gut and juice.  Once done cutting be sure to place all the trim and paper used in a sealed baggie  and get it into the garbage as soon as possible. If not you will have kitchen garbage issues.

A High heat dish wash of the cutting board should take care of this issue.  When you still have  fish odor, use a charcoal odor absorber inthe storage area where the cutting boards are kept.

Cooked fish odor does stay around for a long time in your house and linger. The best way to get rid of this odor is to use an odor absorber to trap the fish smell that is now in the air.  This is important to do since odor transfer can happen your cloths, furniture or carpets and will then be a long term issue.

The use of an naturally activated charcoal odor absorber will work well for any strong cooking odor like fish, or onions or garlic.  This odor absorber advice also works well for general cooking odor issues like getting rid of onion odor, garlic smell or other strong cooking smells in your house.

When you have fish and an aquarium you also will hae odor when the algae builds up.  For that type of air born fish odor problem, use 2 to 3 odor absorbers out side of the tank to keep the odor contained by placing them close to the tank.  If you stand next to you fish tank and you can still smell the odor then you need an odor absorber placed near by.  Be sure not to place these odor absorber in the tank, there are fish tank odor absorbers for inside the tank that you can get at pet stores. They type I am referring to are placed outside the tank or clipped on the outside on the table near the tank.

The naturally activated charcoal odor absorbers that I recommend since they work for fish odor in cube or wafer for are Fridge It odor absorbers cubes for big jobs or the Pet Odor absorber wafers from Innofresh products .  If you need more information about fish odor you can contact them by email at


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  1. I have fish odor in my cars carpet, from a spill of shrimp that leaked onto the carpet, now I can’t get rid of the odor. Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it??? Thank you for your suggestions…. Barb

  2. You need to extract the dried shrimp juice be doing a cleaning of the carpet first. Use a foam cleaner or at the car wash they have a steam version which is better. Once that is done, than an activated carbon odor abosrber will work well, by placing it in the car under the seat.

    • my friend owns a huge cleaning company in Odessa Texas and my Dad spilled gasoline in the back of his SUV could not get the smell out even with profecional cleaning. Called my friend he said use a bag of rock salt pour it all over the carpet where spill took place allow it to stay in the carpet 24 to 48 hours. Then vacume it up. Will remove any odor and most of if not all of the stain. my Dad allowed 24 hours and was amazed it was all gone not a trace.

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