Ice maker smells and ice has a bad taste.

Ice maker odor is  now gone and  the ice tastes better.
 How do you get the odd smell out of your new icemaker?  If the icemaker has an odor and it transfers to the ice and makes the ice taste bad.  The food in the freezer often picks up the same freezer smell and taste.
I  want to get into more details on the ice maker odor and how to make your ice tasting better.  I mentioned that after I tried Fridge It  in my refridgerator to get rid of odors, I then tried it in my freezer and it worked there too.   What I did was put the Fridge It Naturally activated carbon odor absorber  which comes as a large purple odor absorber cube.  I put the Fridge It right into the ice maker bin that the ice falls into and let the ice fall onto the cube in the ice bucket.

 The issue was the ice from my ice maker had a terrible smell and a worst taste.  The ice picked up a smell and so my ice tasted like old fish water.  It does not harm the  Fridge It cube to be left  in the freezer. There is no mess, or spills. You can place the Fridge It in the ice bin and let the ice falls on top of it.  The air passes through the activated charcoal absorber filter and it traps the odor and the ice tastes great.

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