Dead mouse smell in wall.

How do you get rid of a smell of a dead mouse in the wall or in a closet?  How bad can a dead critter in your wall smell?  It can stink for months, until the dead mouse decomposes.  Short of cutting big holes in the wall to  find and extract the mouse, odor absorbers will do a good job of absorbing the odors, until they eventually go away on their own in about  6 months.

A friend of mine told me that if you want to quickly rid the dead mouse odor  in your closet or in the wall, to use Fridge It odor absorbers   works well for dead mouse odor. She used 6 in the closet and it cleared up her issue.  You can find them at  Once put in the closet or near the offending wall it will absorb the smell until the mouse has decomposed and no longer smelling.  She gave it a rave review, since it did take care of  the dead mouse odor in her closet.

You do need to be sure that the smell is not another issue such as mold in the wall.  If the issue is mold, Fridge Its will not work, since the mold grows and you need a specialist to remove and treat the mold. 

Dead mouse in the wall needs an activated carbon odor absorber.  They are fragrance free and absorb the odor and trap the smell in the carbon pores.  So Fridge It is great for a dead mouse smell . 

For more info you can go to their web site or email .


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